Bids & Opportunities

A successful partnership with Transylvania University is one where suppliers provide quality goods and services at competitive prices.

Transylvania University, in partnership with Equity Solutions Group (ESG), uses this portal to register, qualify and communicate with current and potential diverse suppliers of certain goods and services. Registered suppliers are eligible to learn more about, and participate in, opportunities to provide goods/services through a competitive RFP/RFQ process.

There is no cost associated for suppliers to register or participate in identified opportunities.

To be successful with Transylvania University, suppliers must provide impeccable quality and deliver as promised at competitive costs. New diverse suppliers wishing to do business with Transylvania are encourage to pre-qualify by registering as a new vendor. 

This effort is part of Transylvania University’s  Project One which seeks to deepen its already strong commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus environment.

Mold Remediation (SAMPLE)

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Opportunity Example 2

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Facilities Services
Ensuring our vendor base reflects  the communities where we live, and work is important to us. Open projects and opportunities to bid will be listed here. Please register in order to be contacted. 
Contact:Kenny Rowand
Facilities Project Coordinator
859) 233-8211
Purchasing Services
The mission of Purchasing is to provide service and support, in a legal and professional manner, to purchase quality goods and services at the best value to the campus. Transylvania is a tax-exempt institution.
Contact: Eric Ramsey
Office Services & Purchasing Coordinator
(859) 233-8137